10 years of Black Friday tech deals: Best, worst, and weirdest

By 2016, tablets had joined the larger PC market in stagnating sales growth. Smartphones had grown more powerful and came equipped with bigger screens, and manufacturers hijacked tablet features like touchscreen displays for so-called 2-in-1 laptops (see next slide).

One of the rare success stories for tablets during this time was courtesy of Amazon, the online retailing behemoth that created Android-based Kindle Fire slates to complement its Kindle e-readers. As with other Amazon successes, the Kindle Fire’s popularity stems from its unbeatable price: The basic 7-inch model started selling for a mere $33.33 during Black Friday 2016, both on the Amazon site and through other retailers like Best Buy and Target.

Other budget tablets had sold for around that price, but primarily from third-tier vendors in places like drugstores. The Amazon imprimatur, however, allowed it to sell millions of Kindle Fires — 11 million in 2016, to be exact, a yearly growth of a whopping 99.4 percent in shipments.

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2018 Black Friday deals

  • Walmart features $99 Chromebook, $89 Windows 2-in-1 laptop
  • BJs Wholesale ad leaks with laptop, desktop, tablet deals
  • Target ad includes $250 iPad mini 4, $120 Chromebook deals
  • Costco kicks off leaks season with $250 iPad, pair of $200 laptops
  • Amazon: See early deals on Echo, Fire HD, and more
  • Dell features $120 Inspiron laptop, $500 gaming desktop
  • Sam’s Club: TVs, game consoles, and cameras
  • Office Depot: Laptops, printers, and chairs

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