Hurricane or storm knock power out? Stay charged up with Mophie universal power packs

Most new Android devices are launching with a USB Type C port so Mophie has made available the Powerstation USB-C for $99.95.

This new battery pack has 10,000 mAh of battery power with support for 15W fast charge. You can plug in to either the standard USB port of the USB Type-C port to charge up your mobile device, including a phone or tablet. You can even choose to charge up two devices at once with cables attached to both ports.

To recharge the battery pack, you connect your A/C power source to the USB Type-C port. The Powerstation USB-C supports priority charging so that your device charges up first before the battery is recharged if you have the battery connected to a power source.

The Powerstation USB-C comes in black and weighs in at 221 grams. The retail package includes a 0.5 meter USB-C to USB-C cable and a 1 meter USB-A to USB-C cable so you have everything you need.

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