Mophie Powerstation Plus and XXL portable batteries: One Lightning cable to rule them all

Using a Mophie battery pack used to require that you always carried a microUSB cable in your pack, in addition to your Apple Lightning cable. Its new Powerstation collection supports charging the batteries via a Lightning cable so no you only need one cable to do it all.

Batteries are getting larger in smartphones and processors are getting more efficient, but people are also using their smartphones more so battery life is an important factor. External battery packs are capable of providing a significant portable power source to keep you charged up for days.

Mophie Powerstation Plus

While I was sent two batteries to test out with my iPhone X, the Powerstation Plus was my favorite because of the blue fabric covering, integrated Lightning cable, and ability to charge up battery pack wirelessly.

The Powerstation Plus has a 6,040mAh capacity and weighs in at just 180 grams with a size of 130 x 69 x 15 mm. Mophie states it can add more than 20 hours to your iPhone X or five hours to your iPad 10.5. I used it to keep my iPhone X charged up for a couple of days while traveling for business.

There is a USB-A port on the top that you can use to connect your charging cable for your iOS, or other, device. Next to that is the Lightning input port that is used to charge up the battery pack. There is also an integrated Lightning cable that is stored around the outer edge of the battery so you can charge up the Powerstation Plus and use it for days without ever having to pack a cable along. You can charge up two devices at once by using the USB-A port and integrated Lightning cable.

Once you have devices with wireless charging capability, it is easy to place wireless chargers around your office or home and simply set and forget your phone on a charging pad. For extra convenience, Mophie added the ability to set the Powerstation Plus down on a wireless charger to recharge the battery pack.

The top and bottom of the Powerstation Plus is covered in fabric material. You can choose from heather gray, slate, and black. The fabric protects your desktop and also makes it easier to hold the battery pack. While I tested the Powerstation Plus, you can also find the larger Powerstation Plus XL with 10,000 mAh capacity and an additional deep blue color offering.

The Powerstation Plus is available from Apple stores for $79.95 while the large capacity Powerstation Plus XL is $99.95.

Mophie Powerstation XXL

We have seen the Powerstation XXL before with USB ports, but the new Apple-exclusive Powerstation XXL incorporates Lightning port charging using the cable provided with your Apple device.

The Powerstation XXL has a Lightning port on the side to make it clear that this is used to recharge the battery pack itself. On the top, USB-A ports are provided. One is an output port with 1.0A rating and another is an output port with a 2.1A rating. The third USB-A port is also rated for 2.1A, but it also serves as an input port so you can use it to charge up the battery pack as well. Priority+ charging is also supported on this battery pack.

The $99.95 Powerstation XXL has a 20,200 mAh rechargeable battery with a weight of 420 grams and a size of 155 x 92 x 20mm. Mophie states it can add more than 70 hours to your iPhone X or more than 18 hours to your iPad 10.5. You can charge up three devices at once if you like with this battery pack.

The white LED indicator lights are postioned on the side opposite of the Lightning input port. The black aluminum finish of the Powerstation XXL feels durable and looks professional. There is no integrated cable on this battery pack as it focuses on providing lots of battery capacity through the three ports.

These two battery packs are more expensive than some others you can find online. However, Mophie is a trusted name in battery technology and today’s modern electronics can be sensitive to questionable power sources. There are not many battery packs that support Lightning cable input and iOS users will appreciate not having to carry around extra cables.

Over the past few years I’ve purchased a few Mophie products at the airport when I needed to make sure I had power to carry me for a couple of days with limited access to AC outlets. Both battery packs are very well constructed, have all the capability you need in an external battery, and have solid customer reviews.

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