Samsung CES 2018 Liveblog

Samsung is one of the tentpoles that holds up CES. Every year the company has one of the largest offerings at the show and 2018 will not be different.

Samsung’s press conference is always a good time if you’re watching from afar. It’s a mess of people in person, with too many people jammed into a tiny conference hall. It’s too hot, it’s smelly and yet it’s still a lot of fun.

For this show expect the usual mix of top-tier computers, TVs and appliances with a scattering of voice assistances included throughout.

The Samsung CES 2018 liveblog starts at 2:00pm PST.

Brian Heater
January 8, 20181:46 pm

As far as what not to expect, phones are at the top of the list. The Galaxy S9 is no doubt coming in the very near future, but Samsung likes to save its big mobile announcements for its own events. 

Brian Heater
January 8, 20181:41 pm

Appliances are generally a big piece of the puzzle as well. Given the company’s recent push around Bixby, you can expect to see its homegrown smart assistant on most if not all of this year’s line up. Fridges, washing machines, you name it. Samsung’s got a lot of ground to make up on the assistant, especially with Google making a huge push at today’s show. 

Brian Heater
January 8, 20181:37 pm

This is always a big show for Samsung on the TV front, as well, so expect to see a bunch of flat panels to be rolled out on the stage today. 

Brian Heater
January 8, 20181:36 pm

The big news so far is a pair of notebook refreshes — the Notebook 9 and Notebook 7 Spin, both pen enabled Windows 10 convertibles. 

Brian Heater
January 8, 20181:36 pm

By way of recapping, we’ve actually seen what will likely be a big chunk of Samsung’s announcements already. 

Brian Heater
January 8, 20181:35 pm

And we’re in! I’ll be handling the words, along with Greg K. Devin’s on the telephoto. 

Featured Image: AP

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