Speck Presidio case roundup for Apple iPhone XS Max/XS/X: Two-layer drop protection in compelling styles

The Apple iPhone XS Max, see our full review, and XS are excellent phones with prices over $1,000. They are also glass sandwiches so they can also break when dropped. Thankfully, Speck provides some attractive and affordable options for the XS Max and XS/X phones.

Speck sent along a few of its Presidio line-up to test out, including the Grip, Stay Clear, V-Grip, and Pro. I had an iPhone XS Max for the larger cases, but had to use my iPhone X to test the smaller cases. The iPhone XS and X cases are the same.

The Presidio Pro is available for $39.95 inGraphite Eclipse Blue/Carbon Black, Dusty Green/Brunswick Black, Aquifier Blue/Stormy Grey, Filigree Grey/Slate Grey, Meadow Pink/Vintage Purple, and Heartrate Red/Vermillion Red.

The Presidio Pro is a solid color case with a complete soft touch outer texture that actually has anti-microbial treatment on it to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The Presidio Pro may be your best option if you use your iPhone in the bathroom or are concerned about the spread of bacteria in other environments.

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